"What will ebase® do for you?"

Created by nonprofits for nonprofits, ebase is designed for nonprofit executives, fundraisers, activist organizers, volunteer coordinators, database administrators, and technology consultants.

Nonprofit Executives

  • Enables you to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of campaigns
  • Provides a comprehensive view of members, donors, volunteers, activists, funders and clients in one integrated database.
  • Organizes your staff's work with "to do" lists for each user
  • Helps keep track of your most mobile supporters by capturing multiple addresses, phone numbers and email addresses
  • Makes it easy to integrate traditional constituency communications with online strategies, using ebase's built-in email and web services

Fundraisers and Activists

  • Creates response reports for your donor and activist solicitations
  • Creates lists for phone banks, solicitors
  • Creates personalized email and sends it directly from ebase
  • Saves time through automatic processing of email lists: subscriptions and unsubscribes, bounce processing
  • Creates customizable letters and reports integrated with MS Word and Excel
  • Tracks data about your supporters to identify those you can move up the ladder of engagement with your organization

Volunteer Coordinators

  • Manage your volunteers' contact information and communication preferences
  • Record volunteer skills, qualifications, and availability
  • Schedule volunteer training and record attendance
  • Track volunteer activity
  • Produce and track volunteer solicitations and thank-yous
  • Report on volunteer activity, including its value to your organization

Database Administrators

  • Ensures confidentiality of data with individual passwords, customizable interfaces and security access for different staff roles
  • Imports data from common file formats
  • Performs duplicate-checking during data entry
  • Provides built-in multi-user capabilities (requires FileMaker Pro 5 or better and FileMaker Server software)

Trainers, Consultants, Database Developers

  • Offers open-source license and extensible data structure for customizing ebase for the unique needs of your clients
  • Offers opportunities for collaboration in curriculum and module development
  • Is an excellent tool for implementing recommendations on fundraising and organizing strategies

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