How to contribute to ebase's online documentation

Anyone with a login on this ebase web site can contribute to ebase's online documentation. If you're not sure you're expert enough to write documentation, don't worry! Some documentation is better then none at all, and if others notice inaccuracies in your work they can make improvements. You're welcome to borrow text from the manual for a previous version of ebasePro, since many features in 2.80 are quite similar. If you find part of the ebase documentation that's unclear or inaccurate, you can make changes. Here's how:


To Revise an Existing Page of Documentation


  1. Click the Edit tab below the page's title.
  2. Make changes to the text in the Body field.
  3. Further down, under "Revision Information," you may leave a message summarizing the changes you made. (This step is optional.)
  4. Click "Preview" to see what your changes will look like, and revise further if necessary.
  5. Click "Save" to commit your changes. Each version of each page is preserved, so it's always possible to revery to an earlier version if a mistake's been made. If there are any previous revisions to a page, you can click the Revisions tab to see them.


To Add a New Page of Documentation

  1. Choose an existing page of documentation as the context for your new page. Every page follows from some previous page, called its "parent" page. For an example, click the "Up" link below to see the parent page for this page. More examples: if you're going to add documentation about ebase's Log features, start from a parent page about the ebase Log. If you're going to add a page documenting how to use a report, add it from a page about ebase's reporting features. (The choice of parent page is not critical, as pages can be reorganized later... so if you're not sure, don't worry.)
  2. Click the (admittedly small) "Add child page" link near the bottom of the page. A "Create Book Page" form will be provided.
  3. Give your new page a title, and type your text in the Body field. Click "Preview" at any time to see how your work will look when published.
  4. Click "Save" to commit your new page. Voilà - you're a published contributer to the ebase project, helping hundreds of others better use free technology to change our world.