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ebase 2.80 Alpha Testing Release


Greetings from ebase Central!


Organizations continue to download, install, and use ebase—including the original version 1.03!—so we know there's still demand for free, open-source desktop CRM. This inspires us to keep working, slowly but surely, on keeping ebase current. Below is the latest news on ebase's new release, version 2.80, including:

- New email features added

- Alpha testing progress

- New testing program volunteer coordinator


Please take a look and give us your input; we depend on the knowledge and experience of our users and implementers!



Allen Poole


New email features


Longtime ebase implementer and volunteer Larry Bednar has been working hard to add email features to ebase 2.80. Not only has he completely rebuilt the old features from the ground up to make them more reliable and extensible, but he's added a number of powerful new features:

- Any ebase user can now check mail and send mail using multiple email accounts.

- Multiple ebase users can now manage the mail coming into any one email account.

- Email attachments can now be sent and received within ebase

- Non-standard email protocols are now supported: if your email provider wants you to use an unusual port or uncommon authentication method, ebase can probably handle it.


Version 2.80 now also includes the email features found in prior versions of ebase, including the ability to send personalized thank-you letters, newsletters & marketing, and solicitations to individuals or thousands of your contacts at once. If you have questions about ebase 2.8 and email, contact Larry through his web site http://quimdas.com.


Alpha testing progress


We have a new version of ebase 2.80 in alpha testing. Tim Leed, an active volunteer on our technical advisory committee, has been testing enthusiastically and providing great feedback in the form of bug reports (when he's found bugs) and confirmation when he finds things working as expected. Larry Bednar and Allen Poole have been fixing the bugs Tim's posted; a list of recent bug fixes can be found here.


If you're interested in volunteering as an alpha tester, click here to read more about the testing program.


Several new volunteers have offered to provide testing feedback since the alpha release, but unfortunately we haven't been receiving enough test results. This is a serious roadblock: without more guidance from people who will use and implement ebase, we won't be able to bring out this new version we've been working so hard on. We're committed to providing a high quality software and ebase is an all-volunteer effort, so volunteer testing is essential to our success.

To support ongoing testing, Larry Bednar's prepared a comprehensive list of every feature & function in ebase 2.80, 800 in all! We'll use this list to make sure testing has been thorough, and to divide testing tasks among volunteers according to their interests & abilities.


New testing program volunteer coordinator


Camryn Porkandi has stepped forward as a new volunteer, and she's first taking over the role of testing program coordinator. Camryn has a wealth of experience with software use, development, and support, and she currently works for the US Forest Service. This month, she'll be contacting all ebase volunteers personally to get acquainted & find out how she can support your efforts. She'll be making sure ebase 2.80 is thoroughly tested and also work on documentation for the new release. Stay tuned for more!