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Dear Fellow ebase Citizen,

ebasePro has been a very valuable and useful tool for so many nonprofits to mange their constituents, donors and interactions. It is a mature, robust and member supported tool free for nonprofits use under the license guidelines.

Many months ago, we released the ebasePro 2.20 version as a massive update for our existing base of users. Many nonprofits are using this version quite effectively but there remains a significant hurdle for its adoption by new users: ebasePro 2.20 works on an outdated FileMaker Pro file format.

It's time to update ebase once again.

We’ve long been working on ways to get ebasePro converted to work under currently shipping FileMaker Pro 9, FileMaker being the database ebase is built upon. The conversion work requires a big investment in time as the database structure has changed and ebase is a complex, mature and robust database that’s not a simple job to update.

As we rely on the generous donation of talent and time by volunteers to both run the ebase organization and do the programming needs, documentation, testing, and other tasks, we had hoped to do the conversion via our volunteers. It was apparent that the work required is more than volunteers can afford the time to do. With that realization, the ebase TAC (the all volunteer Technical Advisory Committee), decided to do an extensive search for firms that could do this work with the greatest degree of success of the project and timeliness. We vetted a couple of top notch FileMaker developers. We then took the proposal amounts in hand and approached a number of foundations and grant making institutions that we were hopeful would fund these efforts. Even with some personal introductions, these organizations simply don’t have the funding to assist us at this time.

We’ve identified what we feel is an alternative solution to this pressing ebase need, and that is ebase will fund some of our existing long-term volunteers with some modest funding so they can afford not to work at their regular jobs and work on the ebase conversion work.

To do this we need your help before the end of this year. We have some funds in hand to start the work, but we will need more to complete the job before the end of this year.

One last opportunity. A private individual and long-time supporter of ebase, eager to see ebase progress, has agreed to match the first $500 in contributions from the ebase community. Donate now and double your impact.

ebase is a truly affordable and mature nonprofit software solution. Please support ebase’s efforts to grow with a reasonable donation. ebase donations are fully deductible to the extent allowed by law.

With all the hope of the future,

Marshall Mayer

on behalf of the ebase Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)