Technical support for ebase®

Support from professional consultants

ebase® is supported primarily through the ebase online community and related email lists, and by independent ebase consultants offering a variety of technical support services.

Technical support on this website for contributing members of the ebase community

Technical support for ebase is provided via this website and associated email lists (see below), and is available to ebase community members. Members have access to support forums and supplemental technical support materials and software. The low, annual individual membership fee is used to support this website and maintenance of Click here to join.

Technical support via email

Registered ebase users, administrators, implementers, and developers all support each other via e-mail discussion lists. If you're a member of the ebase community, click here to subscribe to an email list.

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More on ebase training here.

Manuals and Documentation

Current ebase manuals can be downloaded from

Archival versions of ebase documentation, supporting technical notes, and older versions of ebase software are available to ebase community members at


Installation, configuration, customization

One of the most difficult things to accomplish is moving from your old system to ebase. Independent consultants are available to help you with this transition. If there are no consultants in your immediate area, don't despair: most provide their services remotely, through virtual connections to your system. All that is required is that you have a high-speed internet connection (like DSL or cable modem) and be willing to install some remote-access software on your end.

Phone support

On demand technical support by telephone (and sometimes a remote connection to your computer) is provided by independent ebase consultants.


For a list of frequently asked questions, visit our helpful FAQ page and look for answers to common questions from ebase users. FAQ

Bug Reporting - Impact the Future of ebase

Over the years ebase users have contributed most of the suggestions for enhancing ebase. Real life usage in NPO's have brought forward suggestions for different reports, name salutation customization, having different types of contacts, and more. You too, as an ebase user and ebase Community member, can impact and make ebase a better nonprofits' solution. If you find anything that doesn't work the way you expect, or want to suggest an enhancement go to ebaseBugzilla.