Your annual ebase membership subscription gives you access to the ebase community website, which provides:
  • ebase support lists and support forums
  • A searchable FAQ and technical notes database
  • Access to the ebase library: supplemental technical documentation to help your organization adopt and use ebase
  • Access to training materials and demos
  • ebase software updates and bug fixes
  • Your ebase Community Support helps us in ongoing costs such as the website, equipment, and efforts to make ebase an even better solution for your nonprofit. We need your help, so please join or renew your ebase Community Membership.
For smaller groups (annual budget less than $100,000) or individuals, an annual subscription is $50. Click this button:

For larger groups (annual budget more than $100,000), an annual subscription is $75. Click this button:

Your annual subscription will be renewed automatically until you cancel it.


With ebase you get powerful software developed by nonprofits for nonprofits and manuals to help you get started -- for free. ebase can help you strengthen relationships with your members, donors, volunteers, activists, funders and clients. And ebase can be used to increase your program impact and help your organization achieve financial sustainability. When you download ebase, you also receive the password that gives you access to the source code so that you can customize it to fit the needs of your organization. ebase is powerful software, and can be a highly economical solution to the data management needs of nonprofit organizations. ebase code is provided free of charge to encourage the development and sustainability of nonprofit organization. ebase was first distributed in 1997. Since then we have learned that most groups interested in using ebase need more than just the manual to get started, they need training, access to people willing to answer their questions, and in some cases, full-service consulting to get their existing data into ebase and have it customized to support their specific requirements. This is where ebase community membership comes in. Subscribe now and join the community.