Minutes from "TAC Meeting Oct 4 2006" on 2006-10-04 12:00

Bob's put up some new themes, with additional/different features, for us to consider.

Bob's observed a new problem: after new content is submitted, user is taken to a blank page instead of a view of the new content.

Web team meeting set for Thursday 10/5, 7AM PST

Build report:
Still working on re-broken file reference issues: Clif & Chris have been testing & reviewing solutions.
Chris has been doing very fine-grained testing, using MetaDataMagic. He's confirmed that the "save relative reference" feature is relative to FM's last active directory, which is not necessarily the application's directory.
Clif also has looked into the issue in detail in the past.

Allen wonders if a scripted import between two client-side files could be used to re-establish FM's current directory focus.

Several ideas floated... Chris & Clif & Allen will test some more.

Allen will upload today, to the new site as a test of the site's new projects module.

Bob's been developing file download amenities for the site. Will discuss more at Thursday's meeting.