Where are all of the old forum postings??!

As a brand new ebase user, I had started to read the forum postings and found them helpful. Now that the new version of the website was installed, they are all gone. Help!! Can I access them anywhere? I don't even know where to begin in terms of asking questions. I've read through the admin manual, but that's only so helpful.

The admin manual mentions a generic code set called CodeWorksheet.xls in the ebase community library. Is that gone too?? I really need some help in setting up codes.


Hi Lisa

The old forum postings are still on the old site. We're going to be moving stuff from the old site to this one in small batches. Meanwhile, you can still get to the old stuff here:


Code worksheet is in place

See the Forum topic "Data Entry, configuring the log". The spreadsheet can be downloaded from the link.

Good luck!

Beth Hynes

Waiting for the lights to get turned on!

Hello Lisa,

In the move of the new web site from test area to live, a few things are not working properly.

We are working on getting access to the old postings in one form or another. You are supposed to be able to access them through the Support page.

Please check back in a few days.

Meanwhile, I do have a code worksheet you may use. I will upload it later today.

Beth Hynes

Many thanks.

I appreciate your help!