Mandatory Buckets for Codes

Why does ebase 2.20 require only one mandatory bucket for a code, but the earlier version requires 3 buckets?

We're a tiny organization, so our code requirements are simple. I've come up with a preliminary set of 15 codes based upon the sample excel code worksheet I got from this website. If just one bucket is required, I may be able to simplify things.

Can you give me some examples of codes that need only one bucket?

Thanks, Lisa

One or three buckets

Hello Lisa,

The reason for the change in ebasePro 2.20 is for the very reason you mentioned - many organizations are using ebase that don't require deep analysis of data. Having the buckets filled out in a thoughtful and consistent manner can provide detailed and powerful structures to those than need them. But in-depth analysis requires time and understanding, something that many smaller organizations don't have a lot of.

A unique code title and one bucket is all that is required to create effective log codes. Keep the code titles different, use the bucket to help show what program, department, etc. it's under and you'll do fine.

Beth Hynes
Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota