How do I access old posts?

I need to access one of the old posts to a question I had and I need to get it ASAP. I am leaving my job next Wednesday and need to fix a glitch in our database before I leave.

I have tried to access the old post and was able to do it last week. However, now I am cannot get into the site except to access my profile.

Susan Heitker
Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Accessing older posts.

If you had ebase community membership in the older ebase website, you will still have sign-in access to the older site. We are working on migrating as much of the older pertinent data/postings as possible - but it's a big task. (If anyone is knowledgeable in Drupal websites and wants to help in these efforts, pleae post back here).
Also, if you need a "fix" by Wednesday - post your question in the Forums, or on the appropriate ebase listservs... you will find fairly fast responses to specific questions posted this way.
Cheers - Tim Leed

Use the Search engine

Hello Susan,

I just tried and was able to enter the site. I did a quick search for "membership" and got a number of postings. Try again?

If you still have problems, try posting here and on the email list to catch more eyes.

Beth Hynes
Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota