Trouble with Mac version of ebase

Hi. I'm having trouble with the mac version of ebase. I downloaded the single-user ebase Mac version onto a brand new IMac, and I executed ebase.200 as instructed in the read me text. I keep getting the message "This field is not modifiable", and when I do get to the test data, it's read-only.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Lisa

p.s. I was able to download the PC version to my Dell computer without any problem.

Mac install of ebase

Hi Lisa, are you trying to use this with FileMakerPro client 6 installed or as a runtime solution?
Tim Leed

Runtime, I believe

I can't find FileMakerPro loaded on the iMac, so I'm assuming I used the runtime solution. I clicked on "ebasePro 2.20 single user and runtime files" to download ebase.

Thanks, Lisa

Runtime Mac startup

Lisa, The file you want to double-click is simply called "ebase" not the "ebase.200" file! This file MUST be started to run the runtime version. Try it and let me know if it launches and works OK.
Thanks -- Tim Leed

Same problem

I clicked on ebase (just the application), and it's still read-only. I downloaded the files again just to make sure I hadn't screwed something up by first clicking on ebase.200, but the same thing happened.

Thanks, Lisa

ebase runtime issue?

What user ID are you using to sign-in to the database?
What are you doing when you get this error: "I keep getting the message "This field is not modifiable", and when I do get to the test data, it's read-only."
I just downloaded the files on a new iMac and the runtime files are working here.
Best... Tim Leed

Tim, I start getting the

Tim, I start getting the "field not modifiable" message long before I have to key in a user ID. It starts as soon as I try to set up ebase. Yikes, that's discouraging that you can download the files on your end without a problem. I really don't know what to do.

I'm not a Mac expert (I'm setting this database up for somebody else), but the Mac "find" function seems fairly simple, and when I use it, I don't find FileMaker Pro software. Do you think that perhaps Filmaker Pro is loaded on the iMac and it's causing the problem??

ebase opening with "field not modifiable"

Lisa, OK... I've done enough testing to think we're onto what the issue is. If you are trying to run ebase from the mounted disk image file - you WILL get this error. You must open the .dmg disk image file you downloaded to obtain ebase, and you MUST drag the ebase folder and all files into your Applications folder on your harddrive.
If you try and launch ebase from the disk image, it's a fixed size and it will not allow modification of these files.
ebase must be copied into your Applications folder and launched/started from there.
Try installing them and launching from there.
Best... Tim Leed

Still read only

Hi. I moved everthing over to the applications file on my hard drive and tried to launch ebase there, but I'm still opening a read-only version. (I did delete everthing and re-downloaded ebase to see if that might help, but it didn't.)

Thanks, Lisa

Like Tim Said...

Lisa and others,

I believe I've seen this with Mac users previously. In my experience, the problem is just what Tim highlighted in his previous response in this thread...

If you attempt to start ebase without making the proper "installation" type use of the DMG file, these are the messages you'll get.


ebase Consultant