Using the EbasePro 2.20 installer/updater for Windows

EbasePro 2.20 has a self-extracting executable called ebasePro220setup.exe (for Windows). Downloading this and double-clicking on it will bring up the installer/updater.


- be sure you know where your current Ebase installation is. The installer doesn't attempt to find any existing installation(s). If you find more than 1 ebase installation on your computer, this would a great time to clean up the old ones! The easiest way to safely remove old Ebase installations is to archive the entire folder using WinZip or 'Create Archive' on a Mac. Then remove the folder.

- be sure you know what type of Ebase installation you have (or want):
- single user runtime - use this if you do NOT have FileMaker installed on your computer and will use Ebase on a single computer only.
- complete single user - use this if you have FileMaker 5 or 6 on your computer.
- client/server - use this if you have a FileMaker Server and multiple FileMaker clients.
- Note that it is ok to use the installer to update from a runtime to a complete FileMaker single user client. The updater does not handle updating from a single user to client/server installation.

Double click on the exe file. Once in the installer you will be presented with 8 possible actions - 4 fresh install and 4 updater options. Pick the appropriate one. Note that for a client/server installation you need to update each of the clients in addition to the server.

It is extremely important that there is just one copy of ebase on any given computer. This is absolutely critical for client/server installations but is considered best practice for all production ebase installations.

As described above - the safest way to ensure this is to find all the various ebase installations you may have and archive all but the one current Ebase. Then remove the old folders. One way to find all your ebase installations is to use the search capability of your computer to look for the file name 'ebase.200.

Written by Chris Wagner; Submitted by Beth Hynes