"Page Not Found" Message for all Help Links

I am receiving a "Page Not Found" error message for all of the "Help" links from within ebase. For example, if I hit the "?" icon at the bottom of the page (trying to get to context-sensitive help)or if I click "Technical Support" from the Main Menu. I have ebase Pro 2.20 and Filemaker Pro Runtime 6.0v4. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks Beth!

Thanks for this insight. At least I know I'm not missing anything!

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The Help button brings you to the web site

The help feature in ebasePro has a very limited range. As far as I know, it brings you to the ebase community web site so that you may post a question. Since you already know how to access the site (obviously as you've posted here!) this feature will be of small concern to you. You're not missing out on anything you can't get through another avenue (your browser).

However, it shouldn't bring you to a "Page not found". This should be looked in to.


Beth Hynes

Help and Tech Support URL's need resetting.

Well, the ebase TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) was working on ebasePro 2.20 AND the new website, and as we had more delays on the website work, the url mappings in the build got out of sync with the website.
We did, however, build something in to 2.20 to address this if need be.
Sign in as an Admin level user.
Go the the Admin section.
Go to "Set up ebase".
Go to "File Paths"
Change both the "Tech Support" and the "Help" urls to:

This will fix the page not found result, for now.
We will look into this further.

Thanks, Tim Leed - ebase TAC member