Help with importing donations

I have downloaded E-Base version 2 and I have uploaded a list of about 1500 contacts: name, address, phone number and e-mail address. I can't seem to figure out where the donations and date of donations are stored when I upload. Can anyone please give me some direction on that?

Since my database is small right now, I am not opposed to starting over if that will be most helpful.

Also, is there anyway to track matching gifts?

Thank you!

Q #2 - Track matching gifts

Yes, you can track the credit for a matching gift. Add the appropriate log entry to the donor (the "last hands" to touch the donation). In the payment view there is a field called "soft creditor". Click there and it will prompt you for a name and then give you a list to choose from. Click on the right name and voila! the person is added to the payment's data.

Note that this is NOT like the community link, where you can click and go to the record. When you need to see a donor's soft credits and vice versa, use the report under Fundraiser called Soft Credit Report. Look around there are other possible ways to work with "solicitor"s too.

Have fun!

Beth Hynes

Hi Laura, Donations and

Hi Laura,
Donations and dates should be imported into the ebase Log file. In order for these to match up with the Contacts data that you have already imported (names and addresses), you will need to import each donation record with the corresponding ebase ID of the contact it should match to. This sounds complicated, but if you have a legacy ID number with your original data (both the contact and the donations data) and some skill with Excel, it's relatively simple. First import your contact data (you've done this), then export back out (to Excel) the names, ebaseID's and legacy ID's so you have a reference of all the ebase ID's. Before you import your donations data into the Log file, use excel to match the correct corresponding ebase ID to each payment (I use Excel's VLOOKUP function).
Hope that's helpful,

Calista Carter
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