Initial entry - name address + pledge/payment

I am just starting my ebase pro 2 setup etc. I am on Windows XL, Office 2003, and am loading with FileMaker 5.5 or 6 in single user mode.
My initial source is excel spreadsheet with 750 entries - name, address (street, city, state, zip, zip+), pledge amount, date of contact, event, payment amount, date payment. Initially these will be the only population in my database. Others (mostly without monty amounts) will be added from other lists later.
I have tentatively set up log entries for SOLICITATION//ACE08/DONOR/PHONE (ACE08 DONOR CONTACT) and PLEDGE//ACE08/DONOR (ACE08 DONOR PLEDGE) and
In my experiments i have been able to get name & address but not the others. Is there a way of avoiding hand entry?

importing log entries

The piece you are missing is to map the payments and pledges to logfield01...logfieldxx during the initial import. The data in the logfields eventually gets put into log items using codes that you specify.
During the import...
- Specify that you are importing log items as well as contacts
- map the columns with payment and pledge data to logfield01 to logfieldxx (it doesn't matter which you use)
- specify which logfields will create the payment and which the pledge, using the item numbers in step 5 of the import process
- assign codes to items 1 and 2
- complete the import

Review chapter 12 of the admin manual. Pages 13-14 of chapter 12 explain how to do the logfield mapping.