problems with payment page

I am writing from an education based not for profit group that has been using ebase 1.02 , filemaker pro 5.5 for a number of years. Today I am having trouble with payments previously made no longer showing on the payment page. The totals however continue to show on the home page even when the paymetn page is blank. If I close ebase and then reopen, the payments return.I work for awhile adding payments and then suddenly the payment pages appear as blank and I have to close the file down and reopen. I wondered if any one has any idea what I can do to correct this? Many thanks
Jan Sugerman

Version conflict?

Hi Jan -

I've not heard of this kind of ill behavior before, but I suspect you're looking at a problem running FileMaker 5.5 (which dates from 2001?) on Vista. I suggest two approaches to narrow down the search for the cause of your problem:
1. Move your ebase to a machine running XP or Win 2000 and see if the problem persists.
2. Look online so see what others have said about running FileMaker 5.5 on Vista.