How to export all of my data

Hello. I'd like to download all of my data from the Mac version of ebase & import itto a PC based version. I'm not sure how to do the download part. Is there one report that downloads everything?

Thanks, Lisa

Export not necessary

Hello Lisa,

If all you want to do is to move ebase from a Mac to a PC computer, you're in luck. Its easy!

FileMaker works the same on a PC as a Mac. First though, I would suggest you create a zipped/compressed backup just in case something happens as you're transferring the folder.

All you have to do is move the folder with the ebase files in it to the PC and place it in the same basic location as where it was on the Mac. Exactly where does depend a bit on what version of ebase and whether its a single or multi-user setup.

Hope this answers your question!

Beth Hynes


HELP! I am new to ebase and need to find the log code sample worksheet  . The link is broken and I can't download it.

Please email it to me or can some one provide me with the link


regards Robert

South Africa

Sending a copy

Well, I hope you obtained a copy already, but I'm going to SEND my own copy of the worksheet to you...

I believe my version MAY have some additional info, because I found that useful in my OWN use of the worksheet...  I've used this with a NUMBER of clients when working on customized sets of log codes, and I think it's a pretty good working tool...

ALSO... in the "downloads" area of my website at you can find several versions of this spreadsheet containing code sets that I've designed for/with clients for their use.  You may find it helpful to look at some code sets that I believe were WELL designed.