File a Bugzilla report from ebase 2.8

ebasePro 2.8 can help you to file a bug report automatically. Here's how:

  • Log in to your Bugzilla account, If you don't have one already, read more about Bugzilla under "Resources," here.
  • When you encounter an ebase issue you want to report, choose "Report a bug" from the ebase Scripts menu:

Initiate a bug report from the Scripts menu


  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut <control>-9 on Windows or<command>-9 on a Mac.
  • ebase will automatically fill in parts of Buzilla's reporting form, and provide you with a list of questions to help you complete your bug report. Please specify what "Component" of ebase you're reporting a bug in: is the problem with a report, with the Links or Log features, in the documentation? Please also provide a title for your bug report in the Summary field, and and answer the questions in the Description field as specifically as you can. You may also add additional information in the Description field.
  • Click "Commit" at the bottom of the screen. Bugzilla will send notice of your bug report to one or more ebase volunteers responsible for the component you specified. Your report will be reviewed, and action will be taken ASAP! 

You can also add your comments to existing bug reports:


  • On any Bugzilla list of bugs, click on a bug's ID number to open it
  • Type your comment in the "Additional Comments" field
  • Click "Commit" at the bottom of the screen.
  • Bugzilla will store your comment and share it with all ebase volunteers who're watching the bug report you commented on.