Export file for Reminders

I would like to export a file with the data needed for reminders.  Experimenting, I did this : choose Find, choose Pledge Data, enter >0 in Pledge Balance, go to Reports, choose Member Data - Export. I then add fields from the "Field Order for Export" menu that look perhaps like they might have the Pledge Date, Amount Pledged, Amount Due (Amount paid would be nice but not critical), and Payment Method (as those set up for automated credit card payments have that noted in this field).

Two problems. No doubt due to the join with the contact data it gives me only one pledge, even when they have more than one due. Second I am having a heck of a time figuring out which field would give me the four pieces of data I want (in addition of course the all the contact info for the donor).

Any help is appreciated; while I like the data in the "Pledge Report" it consumes too much paper and would prefer to review an excel file and merge into reminders.

Trudy Miller, Thin Air Community Radio