Can I use eBase as a Member Directory?

I am brand new to ebase, and a leader in a 2500 member all-volunteer non-profit.  Can I use ebase to set up an opt-in Professional and Personal Networking Member Directory?

Re: Allen Poole

Thanks for all your help. 

Yes, I did register with BigTent and it all looked great.  But they told me that nothing but name and email is searchable???



Hmmm - that's too bad (for them and for you!).

I see that you're allowed to create any number of affinity groups ("subgroups"), and that as members join they can place themselves in subgroups of their choosing, and I see that it's possible to pull up a list of members of a subgroup. Would this approach serve your need to let people identify their interests/characteristics and find others with similar interests?

One limitation is the apparent inability to query for >1 group membership at once, say to find people who live in LA and also work in creative professions.

There are a zillion CRM applications out there, including some free/low-cost and many web-based for easy member access. Keep us posted with any success you have in your search?



No and Yes

Not as an interactive, over-the-Internet, LinkedIn style. ebase is not set up for Internet application.

However, it can certainly handle contact information of a wide variety (several addresses, family vs. individual vs. organization, etc) and also shows relationships between contacts (family, friends, staff, and custom relationships) with searchable fields.

More information might help if you have further questions.

More Information...

Thanks Beth. 

I want to invite 2500 potential members of my non-profit to opt-in to ebase to list their basic contact info, plus skills & interests to create a professional and personal networking tool for members.  But I want members to be able to sign in and search the fields (e.g., city, zip, age, specific skill or interest, etc.)

Can I do this with ebase?


Open access to members

Hi Barry - 

ebase has no facility to let your 2500 members access it; it's designed for a staff of 1-50 that all work in a single office (or at least on a single computer network). It has no built-in provision for WWW access at all, and it's designed to directly meet the needs of staff, not members.

Did you get a chance to look at

It's free, and it allows you to segment your membership into subgroups, and it's on the WWW.

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