ebase TAC Meeting minutes for 12-13-2006

Facilitator: Tim Leed
Attending: Tim Allen Proposed Agenda:
ebasePro v2.20 bugs/status ebasePro v2.20 admin manual update ebasePro v2.20 testing ebase stance for Aspiration meeting   
list serve status web committee update

Agenda Items discussions: 1). BUILD UPDATE: Allen said there are some bugs, issues, need-to-address, - things that need to be done before we post a "final" of ebasePro 2.20 - but so far they are minor and could be done in relatively short time. Allen and a few have been working on the foundation work needed for porting 2.20 features set to an ebase that will run under FileMaker 7,8,8.5. ACTION ITEM: Final catch up with reported issues needed for ebasePro 2.20
2). DOCUMENTATION: Beth has uploaded some modified chapters to www.mooseridge.net/ebase . ACTION ITEM: Tim will make a new PDF of complete manual and post. ACTION ITEM: Allen to get some Chapter 8 edits up to Beth. 3). TESTING: Please continue to test the most recent build of ebasePro 2.20 as much as possible and report any found issues. ACTION ITEM: Please test as much as possible for any remaining critical bugs. Server-client testing will uncover more issues if you can test in this configuration. We could use more feedback on bulk email sending tests from within ebase.
4). ebase stance on Aspiration meeting:
There's thought this meeting might be a way to get some publicity to newer ebase efforts. We're a little unclear as to Bob's concern with someone(s) from ebase attending this conference. Need clarification of concerns and areas of caution.
5). Listserv status
Allen continue to look at listserv setup and traffic. We want to make sure all emails are responded to in a timely manner. And TAC members get a sense of community needs and questions.

6). Web committee status update There are still issues to be addressed in setting up the new ebase website. We need to meet more frequently to get pass these issues and go live. ACTION ITEM: Allen to post times/days for next possible get together. Please make some time, though this is a busy time of year for all, we need to get this done.

Other notes: Next TAC Meeting Facilitator: Barry (this is what are community site calendar has listed) if this is not correct, please contact the next person in line.
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