Web Committee minutes 2007-02-01

At the last ebase web site committee meeting (2/1/07) Barry, Tim and Beth (Allen called - couldn't attend at last minute) took a look at several things:

Concerns about file paths and keeping them stable when the site will be moved. Tim emailed Allen some research he and Barry found on Drupal's site.

Header graphic issues.

We agreed that there the FAQ is for basic questions, with the idea of getting people up-and-running and entice them with the idea of membership where you get more keys. Then a Knowledg-ebase under Support for only members with in-depth articles, advanced topic forums.

Beth indicated that she was having problems reading the dark gray text on gray background, eye-strain galore, for anything longer than a paragraph. We looked at themes, trying out several, with no immediate thrillers. All agreed to do more research about themes.

Barry is working full-time on his organization’s web site starting last week. Which means his Drupal skills are being honed.

Beth added to the Task list on anonymous visitors – what they could see currently, http://test.ebase.org/node/233, with a proposed change.