ebase TAC Meeting Minutes 9-20-2006

Facilitator: Tim Leed

Attending: Tim Beth Allen Bob Chris
Proposed Agenda:
Build update Documentation Testing Website status ebase organizational needs/issues
Agenda Items discussions: 1). BUILD UPDATE: Allen has the build and is working on issues discussed last week, including sample data and email unsubscribe issues. If one needs to enter a different STMP port in email setup, there is a workaround. Allen to write up and send to Beth for inclusion in documentation. Chris discussed his work in getting ebase/FileMaker to return to a default file path after having to browse for a file location - usually after doing exports or imports. He added the option in ebase setup to ask you where exports should map to. Tim mentioned a plug-in that might address this, but it was decided this would delay release to much to implement for this release. Chris also discussed the ongoing issue with ebase in trying to find the emailinbox.200 file.
ACTION ITEM: Allen to write up workaround for changing the SMTP port if needed and send to Beth for inclusion in documentation. ACTION ITEM: Tim to file bug report and send to Allen re: if one needs to change the SMTP port from default 25 to some other port number. ACTION ITEM: Chris to phrase a question about getting FileMaker to return to a default file path mapping after browsing, and post to developers list. Tim to forward it to FSA Tech list. Beth to review and make sure workaround to this issue is noted in documentation.
2). DOCUMENTATION: Beth reports that she will not be available the month of October - so we should finish up the initial documentation for ebase Pro 2.20 before then. She is awaiting some material from a few TAC members. So we'll get the updates, screen shots, and any call outs needed into the documentation before then so we have a 'do no harm' version of the manual as soon as possible.
Download and review the current rev of the manual at www.mooseridge.net/ebase and pass any feedback onto Beth Hynes, email: celtic4@visi.com
Bob suggested we look into Drupal's book module to post documentation to the new website in addition to having a downloadable PDF manual. ACTION ITEM: repeated item - Replace all references to "ebase Pro 2.2" with "ebase Pro 2.20"
Tim has 4 production sites using recent builds of ebase Pro 2.20 that he monitors for issues as well as a couple of test mules.
ACTION ITEM: Please test as much as possible for any remaining critical bugs. Server-client testing will uncover more issues if you can test in this configuration. We could use more feedback on bulk email sending tests from within ebase.
Bob has a new server up with the new Drupal and has transferred over existing community ID's/passwords logins! Yes - thank you Bob! IT LOOKS GREAT! Runs fast. It's at http://test.ebase.org It's a 'sand box' to play in and learn what we can do. The plan now is to get this live, get the critical stuff on it for the release of ebase Pro 2.20, maintain a link back to the old site - keeping it live until we migrate the information over we want to the new site as time and talent allow.
Test, play around with the new website at http://test.ebase.org ACTION ITEM: TAC Team website subcommittee to have conference call this Saturday morning.
Clif and Marshall are working to make sure all membership processing gets done for now. We decided that this workflow needs to be documented and more TAC Team members need access to handle these tasks as we need backup people to be able to handle such tasks if one person becomes ill, busy or otherwise cannot handle these needs.
Bob is looking at website capabilities to automate membership as much as possible.
Bob plans to move ebase management tools to another server - so that multiple TAC members could access via VNC or Timbuktu.
Allen emailed right after the meeting, a reminder that we need to get a listserv setup ASAP so that emails to ebase org admin - get sent to all TAC Team members so that we can see the needs of the community and make sure these get a response in a timely manner. Allen also set up a on the new website: at http://test.ebase.org/node/17 a document so we could document how we admit, track, and communicate with community members.
Other notes:

Next TAC Meeting Facilitator: Barry (this is what are community site calendar has listed) if this is not correct, please contact the next person in line.
Visit the new ebase website:
http://test.ebase.org Test the build. Review documentation.