ebase News Update May 15th 2007

** ebase News Update ** May 15th, 2007 - Here’s a peek behind the scenes at ebase-Central. Your ebase Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has been hammering away on: Final “test-n-fix” of ebasePro 2.20 We are in the final test and fix stage of a new exciting release of our flagship product ebasePro 2.20. For sites that are using earlier ebasePro 2.x versions, this is a substantial update! With over 200 bug fixes, many feature enhancements, reported better stability and speed, and dozens of new features ebasePro 2.20 is ready to handle your relationship tasks. It is a version that will run on your existing investments in FileMaker 5.5/6. We've also completely reviewed and updated the documentation to help you get the most out of ebasePro 2.20. Early adopter test sites have been thrilled with all the improvements we've made. Quote from an early adopter: "We had contacted our ebase consultant, Tim Leed, with about a page full of needs and issues we were having with our install of ebase 2.11 - the recommendation was to update to the then current build of 2.20 - which addressed almost all of the issues we had with ebase. We find ebasePro 2.20 to be far more mature, robust and are really thrilled with the improvements. - Lisa J. Fiorese, Business Manager, Dutchess County Arts Council Just a few of the new features: - Move selected log entries to another record - Greater duplicate checking customization - Enhanced "thank you" processing - Ability to make a family record a POC (primary organizational contact) We will post a news release as soon as it is finalized. For those testing, please get any final bug reports in. ... and a New Web site Additionally - we have been working on a new Web site to launch ebasePro 2.20 and better support the ebase community. The address will remain the same - http://www.ebase.org/ - when it goes live. It will be one site for all viewers – whether just browsing or to login as a member of the ebase community. Ebase community members will continue to have special access to the email lists, on-line Q&A and the Knowlegdebase. We are working hard to make it a place you'll want to visit often for news, how-to articles, FAQs, Support Forums and more. The Web site will go live around the time we release ebasePro 2.20. Meanwhile, we strongly urge you to plan on updating to and using the superb ebasePro 2.20 for your nonprofit contact relationship management needs. Yours in ebase, ebase TAC Team