ebase News Update July 25th 2007

Hello fellow ebase users! In light of a recent posting on an ebase email list, the ebase TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) and the ebase board would like to remind you that the ebase license allows you to modify and customize ebase for your own usage, but not to market or sell a derivative product, nor call something you’ve modified, an ebase product. As an open source modeled product and community, ebase.org encourages everyone’s positive and constructive participation in the advancement and spread of the ebase suite of CRM software products. Open source communities succeed because developers and users are willing to share their hard work and ideas with others. The ebase Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), a volunteer group, guides and serves the ebase product line and ebase users. The TAC has developed procedures, made hard (even painful) decisions, and tries to be transparent to the whole community. These decisions are made in 1). In order to best support our installed base of users. 2). To best address needs and issues - working within the resources, and our volunteer’s time and commitment that we have available. The rules spelled out in the ebase license distinguish between the freedom to modify ebase – for your own use - and providing assurance that a particular ebase software product will deliver a level of functionality and is being supported by the full ebase community. The TAC works carefully, within the limits of volunteer time, to test and re-test all products offered under the name “ebase”. We can also tell you the exciting upcoming ebasePro 2.20 release is the most robust, feature mature, and tested ebase release to date. Therefore, you can be assured that all products offered on the ebase community web site will have been vetted through several processes and are being supported by the TAC and ebase consultants and developers. We will be in touch soon about the official release of ebasePRO 2.20. In the meantime, thank you for being part of our community and using this fine product to help grow your organization! Your’s in ebase: The ebase Technical Advisory Committee, and the ebase Board of Directors