The ebase community

What is ebase? Who uses it? Who pays for its development? How is it supported?

History of ebase

ebase® is a series of Filemaker Pro® templates developed for use by nonprofit organizations to manage their relationships with their community: members, donors, activists, clients, volunteers and c

How to contribute to ebase's online documentation

Anyone with a login on this ebase web site can contribute to ebase's online documentation. If you're not sure you're expert enough to write documentation, don't worry!

ebase needs your help, talents, drive and ideas.

ebase is based on the generous efforts of many talented and dedicated volunteers to handle varies tasks that keep ebase moving forward. Coding, testing, documentation, reviewing, training, marketing, web site maintenance and updating, community building, and more!

Why Join the ebase Community?

The old adage "You get by giving" is true!