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"Page Not Found" Message for all Help Links

I am receiving a "Page Not Found" error message for all of the "Help" links from within ebase. For example, if I hit the "?" icon at the bottom of the page (trying to get to context-sensitive help)or if I click "Technical Support" from the Main Menu.

Help with password for version 1.03!!!!!

I have been put in charge of an ebase database, version 1.03. After updating the server, everyone is prompted for a password for every module, such as ebase_.103, names_.103, etc. No one at the office knows about any password(s), as it used to just log people in when they went to access the database.

Problems importing external data with Mac version

I can imagine you're getting tired of hearing from me, and, believe me, I'm getting tired of writing. I'm attempting to import an excel spreadsheet to the Mac version of ebase, and can't.

In step 2 of Import External Data, I first get this message:

Using the EbasePro 2.20 installer/updater for Windows

EbasePro 2.20 has a self-extracting executable called ebasePro220setup.exe (for Windows). Downloading this and double-clicking on it will bring up the installer/updater.


- be sure you know where your current Ebase installation is. The installer doesn't attempt to find any existing installation(s). If you find more than 1 ebase installation on your computer, this would a great time to clean up the old ones! The easiest way to safely remove old Ebase installations is to archive the entire folder using WinZip or 'Create Archive' on a Mac. Then remove the folder.

Trouble with Mac version of ebase

Hi. I'm having trouble with the mac version of ebase. I downloaded the single-user ebase Mac version onto a brand new IMac, and I executed ebase.200 as instructed in the read me text. I keep getting the message "This field is not modifiable", and when I do get to the test data, it's read-only.

How do I access old posts?

I need to access one of the old posts to a question I had and I need to get it ASAP. I am leaving my job next Wednesday and need to fix a glitch in our database before I leave.

I have tried to access the old post and was able to do it last week. However, now I am cannot get into the site except to access my profile.

Mandatory Buckets for Codes

Why does ebase 2.20 require only one mandatory bucket for a code, but the earlier version requires 3 buckets?

We're a tiny organization, so our code requirements are simple. I've come up with a preliminary set of 15 codes based upon the sample excel code worksheet I got from this website. If just one bucket is required, I may be able to simplify things.

Should we convert to ebase or stick with Excel?

Should we convert to ebase or stick with Excel?

Submitted by Lisa on Fri, 09/14/2007 - 14:46.
Getting started

Hi. We're a small organization with one director and a revolving small set of volunteers (I'm one of them). We have 600 records now in in our mailing list, and I'd anticipate that we'd probably grow to just 1,500. I thought ebase would be a good way to efficiently track payments and easily generate mailing labels. Perhaps we'd eventually start to track relationships such as volunteers, and we'd use some of the reports.

Where are all of the old forum postings??!

As a brand new ebase user, I had started to read the forum postings and found them helpful. Now that the new version of the website was installed, they are all gone. Help!! Can I access them anywhere? I don't even know where to begin in terms of asking questions. I've read through the admin manual, but that's only so helpful.